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Unless stated otherwise, prices quoted include shipping, and Discounts are available for most quantity orders.   Please allow 4 to 6 weeks delivery for products not in stock.
ST39 Lg Mason Jar Candle.jpg (345432 bytes)
Peace Jar
Candle Holder
(Holds Votive Candle)
ST39 =$17.95
Patriotic Clock ST 61 Rooster Clock.jpg (442974 bytes)
Lariat Clock 
ST61=$39.95 (plus S&H)
Lariet Wreath
Lariat Wreath
w/Hook incl.
            (plus S&H)
  ST 60 Plant Holder.jpg (487739 bytes)
Plant Holder
ST60 =$9.95
            (plus S&H)
Cloth Padded Horse Motif w/Lace & Jute Trim as a Wall Hanging Cloth Padded Horse Motif w/Rope Trim as a Wall Hanging Cloth Padded Horse Motif w/Lace & Jute Trim as a Coaster Cloth Padded Horse Motif w/Rope Trim as a Coaster
Cloth Padded 6"x6" Dbl. Horse Motif
Versatile - Ideal for Picture Wall Hangings / Coasters 

Choose:  Lace& Jute  /  Single Rope Trim
TR1 =$6.95 pr.
Aromatic Coasters Cloth Padded Horse Motif w/Lace & Jute Trim Coaster P1010123.jpg (197642 bytes)
6"x6" Aromatic Coasters
(Cinnamon  Scent)
(Mini Horse/Dbl. Horse/Bucking Horse)

With Lace & Jute, or Single Rope Trim
TR10 =$6.95 pr
Horse Motif Keepsake Box Horse Motif Keepsake Box with Rope Trim Indian Motif Keepsake Box  blueheartbox.JPG (415220 bytes)
6" x 6" x 3" 
Cloth Padded Keepsake Boxes    

KBBH=Country Blue Heart  KBW=Horse Motif
KBI=Indian Motif               KBC=Country Motif
=Bucking Horse Motif (not shown)
(Trims Vary:  Lace/Lace & Jute/Single Rope) 
ST 1 Large Graters.jpg (468817 bytes) Lg. 6 Sided Grater Wall Hanger
Large Grater Wall Hangers  
(Motifs: apple, chicken, cow,  daisy) 

ST1=4 Sided 
ST23=6 Sided      $14.95
Small Grater Wall Hanger
Small Grater  
Wall Hangers
(Motifs: grapes, cabin, poinsettia)
ST17=4 Sided       $11.95
Lg Candy Jars
Lg. Jute Candy Jars
         (plus S&H)
Sm Jute Candle
Sm. Jute Candle
       (plus S&H) 
Bucking Horse Candle
Lg. Square Jute Candle
         (plus S&H)
Lg Rd Patriot Jute Candle Lg Rd Horse Jute Candle Lg Rd Indian Jute Candle
Lg. Round Jute Candles
ST31=$24.95 (plus S&H)
Small Round Jute Candles
Sm. Round Jute
                   (plus S&H)
Plastic Bag Holder (deer motif)
Plastic Bag Holder
(Approx. 18" high)
TR17 =$5.95
Jute 2 Pc. Canister Set
Jute Canister Set 
(2 pc.)

              (plus S&H)
Jute Fruit Bowl
Jute Fruit/
Misc. Bowl
(Chili Pepper/
Banana/ Carrot Motifs)

(plus S&H)
Kitchen Utensil Holder
Kitchen Utensil Holder w/Utensils
            (plus S&H)
Jute Cookie Jar ST 38 Lg Jute Jar1.jpg (533597 bytes) 
ST 38 Lg Jute Jar2.jpg (465755 bytes) ST 38 Lg Jute Jar 2.jpg (495361 bytes)
Jute Cookie/Misc. Jar
                  (plus S&H)
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these handmade native crafts from  Wyoming:  
       Western Wreaths, Cross-Stitched Items, Plastic Canvas, 
       Keepsake Boxes, Horseshoe Crafts,  and Many More.

these unique products are hand crafted, no two are exactly alike. 

       Custom Orders accepted.  Feel free to create your own designs, or ask for a  personalization.