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Cowgirl Country Gifts
was started in 2003, in Glenrock, Wyoming.   The workmanship and ideas are crafted here in the beautiful state of Wyoming with our love for the Western Heritage incorporated into our designs.  We specialize in Country, Western, Sacred, and Patriotic motifs that are dis-   played through our various products, which are unique and often one of a kind.

                  Tina -- Specializes in Cross-Stitch, Keepsake Boxes, and
                              Plastic Canvas Stitch Designs.
                   Brenda -- Specializes in Horseshoe Crafts, Native American,
                                   Jute Candles, & Barbed Wire Designs. 

These two women moved to Wyoming from different parts of the United States in 1991.  They met for the first time around 1995, and over the years they have grown to know and respect each other's individuality, and formed a life-long friendship.   In getting to know each other, in 2003 they found they had in common a love for the Western Heritage and enjoyed the decor that represents the West.  It was at that time the Cowgirl Country Gifts was formed.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our site.  If you have any questions, or are interested in a special order, please feel free to contact us.